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Nsombii Update!

Hello Goddesses!  Disregard the last email sent.  That was a mistake with my automated mailer.  Anyways.... I know you all have been wondering, where is the new Nsombii®, right?!  It's coming...  We just have had some roller coaster issues with multiple manufacturers due to COVID19.  Our normal provider has lost most of its employees so to make sure we get the same quality as before, we have been going through samples after samples, manufacturer after manufacturer,  and finally we found the one we am pleased with.  With the success, great feedback (no returns) of the first drop we could not skim on the quality, just to get it out faster. We don't care how long it takes, quality is the most...

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Thank you Queens!

Two and a half months ago I launched my African inspired athletic line and it has been such a wonderful experience!  It is a grassroots movement with no investors, just me so I am ecstatic with the continuous growth!  I've met and chatted with women all over the world.  We're INTERNATIONAL! This newsletter and blog is just a quick THANK YOU to everyone who supports the Nsombii brand.   Since we've launched we have seen a couple copycat brands but that was expected when creating something new and fresh! Great to know that we are the ORIGINALS! :) We are expanding and will have new merchandise soon. In the meantime, please spread the word with your purchases! Use hashtags #Nsombii...

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