Nsombii Update!

Nsombii Update!

Hello Goddesses! 

Disregard the last email sent.  That was a mistake with my automated mailer. 


I know you all have been wondering, where is the new Nsombii®, right?! 

It's coming...  We just have had some roller coaster issues with multiple manufacturers due to COVID19.  Our normal provider has lost most of its employees so to make sure we get the same quality as before, we have been going through samples after samples, manufacturer after manufacturer,  and finally we found the one we am pleased with.  With the success, great feedback (no returns) of the first drop we could not skim on the quality, just to get it out faster.

We don't care how long it takes, quality is the most important thing!  All I know is, you are going to LOVE the new drop! Sooooo freaking FABULOUS. Everything in DIVINE timing! 

Just want to thank all you Queens for your patience and loyalty because we know there have been a few cheap imitations of our brand popping up that you could easily buy, but again, quality is quality.

We see you posting workout pics and videos rocking Nsombii® and its still very humbling.  Thank you.

We promise you'll never have to wait this long again for another drop...

We are looking forward to an end of February-March release! :)

Until then, Happy Holidays and PLEASE STAY SAFE and check out some of our clearance items. 




Isley Nicole Melton

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