Nsombii Gift Cards and Installment Pay!


 Hello Goddesses! 

Looks like we made it out of mercury retrograde unscathed! lol Ok... maybe a couple scratches but we survived, Thank God! Some retrogrades be retrograding HARD! 

So ladies, we added a couple new services to make shopping a little easier.  

First we added the installment pay for purchases of $50 and higher.  I love that feature, for when you have multiple things going on.  Money tied up!  I've used it myself on other sites.  Comes in handy! 

We also added digital gift cards! I've received emails from both men and women, inquiring about sizes and not sure of what color to buy for their friends or significant others, so now you can let them decide. 

Also, I've updated the website with a video on the home page explaining what inspired me to create this brand.  Check it out! 

Have an amazing weekend and don't let anyone knock off your crown! XOXO

Isley Nicole Melton 






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