New Nsombii Finally Here!

Hello Goddesses!

The long awaited launching of the new Nsombii collection is finally here and I am so excited!!  Thank God!!

I attempted to launch last month while recovering from Fibroid surgery. Barely made it happen.  My body wouldn't let me be great.

Imagine, waiting over a year, after dealing with set backs with manufacturers, samples not being what you needed, which took an additional month each time I wasn't happy.  Oh the agony.  At the same time, I was suffering from a 9CM fibroid and decided to get embolization. What was supposed to be a 2 weeks recovery was more like 2 months.  So as my harvest was finally coming in, I'm popping Percocets. I literally couldn't sit up for more than an hour at a time without enduring pain.  It was brutal.  

So I attempted to half ass drop my collection in the mist of that and I felt horrible because I couldn't give my all.  I had photo shoots to do, updates to my website, just a whole lot of things that I couldn't do because my brain was fried and my body was a wreck. 

Glad that's all over.  I'm healed finally and back working out! Feeling like myself again. I have my brain and my body back. THANK YOU GOD.  Health is indeed WEALTH!

So Goddesses, please take a look around and see the new goodies!  I think I outdid myself with this collection!!  


Isley Nicole Melton

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