Happy New Year 2022!!!!

Sorry for that old newsletter Goddesses! Auto-mailer sent out wrong one! :(

Come on 2022! We made it another year!  Thank you God! :)

So many lessons in 2021, good and bad.  Either way that's growth!  

My favorite lesson was: Even if you're trusting action over words, make sure to look at the intention of those actions as well. 

So first I'd like to thank those who have left reviews! Those help a small business so much! I know when I'm buying online I definitely look at reviews for sizing, quality etc etc.  The more reviews I see the better.  If you have not left one yet, please do. 

Secondly, I sent out an email about our FIRST GIVE AWAY in honor of KWANZAA!

We will pick one lucky person from our subscribers and announce January 22nd! They will be able to pick any set they want.   So excited about this.  (Might even pick two winners)

Finally the last day of Kwanzaa is today and our 45% OFF EVERYTHING SALE ends tomorrow January 2nd, at 5pm eastern time. Perfect timing for all those new 'get back in shape' resolutions!  I know I plan to be in the best shape of my life this year! USE CODE 'KWANZAA' AT CHECKOUT.


Honorable mentions:

We were included in African Ancestry's Ujamaa List 2021 for their favorite black brands!  Thank you African Ancestry for the nod!

Also, Goddess Gabrielle Union was spotted in our Ala Goddess set in her instagram stories of 19 million followers! Thank you thank thank you! Go to our instagram page, @nsombii to see the post.  

Thank you Goddesses and stay out of Covids way!!!!! Lets be the healthiest, sexiest versions of ourselves in 2022! 



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